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     Uniform Info

Students are expected to wear Landend Shirt or any School Spirit Shirt. Student are expected to wear gray bottoms. See purchase information below.


 Landsend Uniform Information

Bottom: Gray color from any store. Popular stores: Landsend, Gap, Cookies, Old Navy, ect.

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Stay in Touch with the Parent Coordinator.  Fill form here to let us know your most recent phone number and email address.
tinyurl.com/emailtywls. For more information pc@tywlsbronx.org
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we ask you to fill out our annual forms below.

All four forms are required at the beginning of 2020-2021 school year.


Bienvenidos familias nuevas y veteranas. Mientras nos preparamos para embarcarnos en otro fantástico año escolar, le pedimos que complete nuestros formularios anuales a continuación.


Los cuatro formularios son obligatorios al comienzo del año escolar 2020-2021.

Consider Donating your daughters uniform.
Consider Donating your time and volunteering at a school function or field trip.
Monetary Donations can be made in the form of a check to "The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx" It can be mailed to 1865 Morris Avenue , Bronx, NY 10453 with Donor letter. Donation inquiries can be sent to SBM@tywlsbronx.org.
Interested in Applying?
Open House 2020
Thank you for your interest in The Young Women's Leadership School of The Bronx! We are delighted to meet you at one of our virtual open houses! Please sign up and RSVP your spot! Be sure to bring your daughter to open house, she will be interviewed. If you cannot make these dates or can have any questions, please contact  sfermin@tywlsbron
Open House Dates

Tuesday, November 10th @ 6:00 pm

Saturday, November 14th @ 11:00 am

Tuesday, December 1st @ 6:00 pm

Saturday, December 5th @ 11:00 am

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If you're interested in sending your daughter to TYWLS Bronx, please visit our "how to apply" page.


If you're looking for a way to volunteer at TYWLS Bronx, or to support our students and teachers financially, check out our new "Support Us" page!
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Check out this document if you're interested  in joining the TYWLS Bronx team as a teacher!
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