TYWLS @ Breast Cancer Walk

Being a TYWLS girl gives you many opportunities and I participate in many of them. Recently, I was a part of the Breast Cancer Walk. The Breast Cancer Walk was a very good thing to do because we took time to walk with many other people for a great cause. By doing this we showed that we have loving hearts; that we care for others who go through natural causes, and follow our Leopard Value of empathy. Being apart of this event made me happy because I was doing something for a good cause.

- Jesenya Olivas, 7th grade

Participating in the Breast Cancer Walk this year meant a lot to my family and me. I walk every year in honor of my great grandmother and aunt who passed away due to breast cancer. I was amazed by how many people were affected by this humbling disease. It was a long walk, but I kept on walking, because I knew that lives were being saved during every step of the path. It was a good feeling to walk and donate to people who are suffering from this disease.

- Emily Pacheco, 6th grade


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