Comic Book Winners!

Most of the after-school clubs at TYWLS Bronx are run by the organization Girls, Inc. One of the new clubs created this year is run using The Comic Book Project curriculum. Two seventh graders, Kyrabel Collado and Ivette Rodriguez, recently won a competition run by The Comic Book Project and will have their comic book published! Read more about the TYWLS Bronx winners and the competition overall here (, and see below for an excerpt from the article. Another write up can be found at:

“I was very nervous presenting to the judges,” said Kyrabel, who is interested in a career in animation. “Winning was totally unexpected, but it feels amazing. I’m going to have my own comic book published.”

“Because I loved comic books, I was always reading,” said artist Darryl McDaniels.

Collado’s comic, created with fellow student Yvette Rodríguez, told the story of a young girl named Skyar who was injected with a serum that gives her superhuman strength.

Patrice Payne, an Afterschool Coordinator at Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx, said that this was the first year the school had incorporated the Comic Book Project curriculum, with a group of 10 girls currently participating.

“This type of program is very important, because they don’t have art classes in their school right now,” Payne said. “The kids are definitely invested, and they really take pride in the work they create.”


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