Seeds to Trees Field Trip

TYWLS Bronx has many partnerships with outside programs and foundations to help give our girls a well rounded education. One of those partnerships is with the NYC Parks Department's Seeds to Trees program. Our 6th grade girls recently went on a field trip where they had a truly hands on experience!

From their website (

"Throughout the school year, 2nd - 8th graders explore the dynamics of urban ecosystems and human interaction with nature. Whether studying biodiversity, urban wildlife, forest ecology or healthy waterways, Seeds to Trees students are immersed in hands-on activities designed to meet the needs of diverse learning styles and abilities. Field exploration, technology and personal stewardship are just a few of the stimulating strategies employed to help kids grow as scientists and stewards of the natural world. We are committed to helping teachers to meet academic objectives, mandated science curricula and the Next Generation Science Standards."


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