Women Inspiring Our Next Generation Flight

This past September, a few of our 10th graders were chosen for an extra special field trip - an all-female led flight to Washington DC. Check out the article (and video) provided by Delta, here, and read below for a first hand account of the trip from TYWLS Bronx 10th grader Rachell Alejo.

"The experience that I was able to have at Delta was something of another world. I have family in Dominican Republic, friends over here, even at TYWLS, who have never been on a plane and to go on one that was A FULL female staff (which is quite rare) was just amazing. The wonderful women I had the chance to speak with on the plane ride to D.C. and back were so so wonderful and inspiring. One of my dreams/goals is to travel the world. A woman on the plane told me that with a career in aviation she got to visit paris with her daughter, from New York, for $120 because of her role on the plane. And I also met the first female pilot from Delta. Her name was Joy and the energy she had was so amazing. This experience is something that will stay with me forever." - Rachell Alejo


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