DYCD Heroes Project

From Girls Inc. Leader, Patrice Payne:

I wanted to send you all some pics from yesterday's DYCD Heroes Project mid-point exhibition. Students from 25 different DYCD programs had the opportunity to participate in this comic book event and meet comic artist Jerry Craft, who is featured in some of the photos. Three of our students' comic book manuscripts were placed in the semi-finals round. And I am HONORED and PROUD to say that for a second time in a row Girls Inc. was selected as one of the finalists!!! OUR FINALISTS ARE KIARA and KAYLA BATTLE!!! Their work will be published by a team of professional artists and writers. The founder of The Comic Book Project, Dr. Michael Bitz was so impressed with all of our girls' work. And I want to congratulate all of our participants for having the courage and confidence to share their creativity and talent. Participants included: Ivette Rodriguez, 8th Grade Kayla Battle, 7th Grade Kiara Battle, 7th Grade Anelise Rodriguez, 6th Grade Kayleann Seda, 6th Grade Kaylene Vasquez, 6th Grade


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