TYWLS Bronx on TLC

Here are Ms. Congalosi's words about an amazing opportunity some of our high school students recently had at a filming of a TLC show:

"I have some exciting news! As some of you know, our students will likely be featured on a TV show called ‘Girlstarter’ that premieres tomorrow (Friday) at 7 pm on TLC!! I was contacted during spring break by an employee of Donor’s Choose who said that the producer of the show saw our Rat Dissection project on the website and wanted to bring in some of our students to film a few clips about entrepreneurship, business, and leadership for young women. It's a reality show about young women with business ideas who compete for $100,000 to start their own company.

Fourteen of our students, myself, and Ms. Fermin were driven on a “limo-bus” (!!!) to lower Manhattan. We stepped out of the elevator into the loft-turned-studio and were awestruck. We didn’t realize that it was going to be ONLY us and literally dozens of people to film us. We even had a professional makeup artist. The girls and I had a great time and I encourage you to ask them about it. They were asked difficult questions and gave inspiring answers. It was a long day but a phenomenal experience. Of course, there's always a chance we may be edited out, but it was fun regardless."


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