TYWLS Students got to see "Bronx Tale"!

Video of students and the actors and actresses meeting!

Students got to share their reactions after watching the Broadway hit, "A Bronx Tale,"

I loved watching the play. The play was funny and dramatic at the same time. I loved the two main plots where C was drawn apart by his lover and societal expectations. Also the fight between C’s dad and Sonny was also incredible. I watched the movie a few years ago, and the play brought back all the joy, frustration, and sadness in real life.

- Yaya C

I loved watching A Bronx Tale. It was an amazing experience and I wish it never ended. The cast was amazing and hilarious. They were very kind throughout the Q&A and after. I hope to have another experience just like that. Whether it’s seeing A Bronx Tale again or another Broadway musical.

-Kaycie M

I enjoyed watching A Bronx Tale, especially since it was set in the Bronx because I could connect to it and I knew the avenues being shown. I liked the songs being sung and their dance moves; I thought it was very lively and entertaining. I also liked how there were different topics, like choosing which destiny you want to follow and the race issues because I felt that it connects to what people deal with today.

- Awa F.


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