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Our goal for all of our students is for them to develop a deep love for learning and achieve at high levels! Your daughter will  improve her reading levels and writing abilities while creatively expressing herself.  She will be able to critically analyze non-fiction and fictional literature. It order to help her reach her goal of improving her reading level, she must independently read 30 minutes every night. We expect our students to work hard and respect themselves, each other, and us. In addition to daily homework and weekly quizzes, we will have unit tests and collaborative projects due throughout the year. Your help, as parents, in supporting their education is critical to your daughter’s education and progress during her time in our classroom. We have high academic standards and expectations for our students!! We believe in your child’s ability to accomplish all tasks and excel in our classroom because they are our future leaders! 


Our goal is to provide your child with the knowledge and understanding of the mathematics necessary to function in a world very dependent upon the application of mathematics. Therefore, we have planned a year jammed packed with many topics including algebra, geometry, fractions, statistics, and problem solving. All this can be accomplished when students are diligent determined and dedicated to completing their class work, practicing their homework and working hard on all tasks.  We are always there to help our students so if you or your child have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to a successful year learning all about decimals, fractions and percents in our welcoming, caring and fun filled math classroom.


At TYWLS of the Bronx we nurture the intellectual curiosity of our students. In my classroom I will place more emphasis on learning science through investigation, inquiry, and collaborative learning experiences.  We will focus on four main units of study including: simple and complex machines, weather, life science and ecosystems. Students will gain knowledge from hands-on experiments, simulations, video, or multimedia demonstrations. Students will also benefit from interdisciplinary studies incorporating the Common Core Learning Standards to strengthen their Math and Literacy skills. In addition, daily instruction is designed to meet the needs of multiple learners to promote high student achievement in science.

Social Studies

The goal of Social Studies is to study the past in order to understand our present accomplishments and learn from them as we prepare for the future. This year we will investigate the Ancient Civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere. In other words, take a historical journey to places like Ancient India, China and Egypt, Greece and Rome. Along with Ancient Civilizations, students will learn about becoming active citizens in society. A major component of class will be reading newspapers and understanding current issues and events. They will be asked to post about current events in our class blog on a weekly basis. We will also set aside class time to look at global issues such as women's education and access to clean water, as a way to become more knowledgeable, global citizens. The workload will be very demanding including, nightly homework, weekly quizzes, unit exams and lots of notes to study!!


At TYWLS, we recognize the power of language and know that being able to harness that power will not only make our young women effective communicators, but will also open doors for them as they move on to college and enter the corporate world. In order to help them develop this skill, every young woman at TYWLS Bronx will participate in a year-round intensive writing class, aimed at not only strengthening academic writing but continuing its growth as well.  Through individual goal setting, the use of journals for self-reflection, and collaborative web-based projects, your child will be able to create a toolbox for herself, which can be used to construct multiple types of writing pieces throughout the year, from research papers to fictional narratives.  Furthermore, to promote alignment with the common core standards and STEM school initiatives, the TYWLS writing course will also employ the use of technology, such as typing, web-based drafting, and peer-editing.


Technology will be a big part of your daughter’s life at TYWLS of the Bronx. In the sixth grade she will be covering a wide range of topics and skills to help her build a strong foundation for the years to come at TYWLS and beyond.   Our goal is produce a young lady that will be competitive in our ever-changing technology based society.  Therefore, your child will focus on many different technological skills from learning how to effectively use email, use varied programs to enhance their presentations, basic coding and other applications to computer engineering.

Physical Education

This course provides students the opportunity to learn through a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive sequentially planned physical education program aligned with the Physical Education Learning Standards for New York State.  In the 6th grade, the content standards emphasize working cooperatively to achieve a common goal.  The focus of this course is to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health and enhance personal performance.  Units of activity include physical fitness, cooperative activities and team sports.  Students are required to come prepared to participate in all activities in their full TYWLS gym uniform with sneakers.

English Language Learners

At TYWLS, we understand the unique academic needs of our emergent bilinguals and seek to provide them with opportunities to enrich their English language literacy in environment that is both rigorous and supportive.  In order to achieve this, we employ the use of UDL (Universal Design for Learning), an instructional model that provides students with multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression.  Additionally, students learn in a safe and collaborative learning environment that enables learners of all English language proficiencies to access meaning, while providing them with the scaffolds that will enable a deeper level of understanding and foster independence.  Such rigorous curriculums include co-teaching structures in literacy, math, science, and social studies, an intensive  iLearn™ technology-based literacy intervention program, and individual, small group, and large group instruction, all of which are aimed to raise their level of academic writing while enhancing their knowledge of technology.


Bienvenidos a la clase de español. This course is taught to promote oral and listening proficiency. Communication skills are emphasized and students are expected to speak mostly Spanish in class. In addition to deepening students' understanding of grammar, the units studied also promotes students’ cultural understanding as well as language development.  

Subject Areas

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