Student Leadership Network (SLN)

In 1996, Ann and Andrew Tisch partnered with the New York City Board of Education and the Center for Educational Innovation to open the first all-girls school in New York City in 25 years. They named it The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem (TYWLS). The Tisch’s believed it would offer public school families an appealing alternative to co-ed public schools where girls’ voices are often unheard.

YWLN has generated over $57 million in financial aid to make college affordable for low-income students.

YWLN supports two life-changing programs that empower students to break the cycle of poverty through education.



The progress TYWLS has made since it opened is extraordinary, and the impact we’ve had on students has been life changing for our students! Our school continues to be a model for single-gender public schools and high-achieving small schools across the country. 


In 1998 a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization was created to connect our schools to the wider community so that our students have access to more programs and experiences. Student Leadership Network supports two programs that provide college readiness and college access to low-income public school students:


  1.  Young Woman's Leadership School

  2. CollegeBound Initiative

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