The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx (TYWLS Bronx) is a unique all-girls school founded to educate young women and give them the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in college, in their careers, and in their communities. We are a NYCDOE school located in District 9. We currently serve grade 6-12. Our vision is to focus on the whole girl, providing academic and enrichment opportunities that engage our students, expand their horizons, and give them the tools to achieve their dreams.Mission

Our Mission

The mission of The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx is to develop a community of self-confident and innovative young women, empowering them to be tomorrow's leaders, particularly in the fields of math, science, engineering and technology. We capitalize on the intellectual curiosity and creative spirit inherent in all young women as we develop life-long learners who are armed with the skills necessary to successfully complete college or any career readiness program and become productive members of society.

Our Director

Devon Eisenberg


Christina McNamee

Assistant Director

Our Story

Devon Eisenberg and LeMarie Laureano, co-founded The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx in July of 2012 after discovering a unifying purpose in life—helping others achieve success through education. Always believing in “Girl Power,” LeMarie Laureano was excited to partner with Devon Eisenberg on this new endeavor. Although LeMarie, her four sisters and her daughter had attended all-girl schools, she never imagined having such a wonderful opportunity.  Her roots were firmly embedded in the Bronx and it had been her resolve to help others achieve the American Dream through education—our key to opportunity and success.


LeMarie Laureano has been involved in educating New York City inner city youth for over twenty-five years. As a strong advocate for minority and economically disadvantaged youth, she has dedicated her career to providing opportunities to students in the South Bronx, where she grew up. As a recipient of a Los Padres Foundation grant, she developed two successful programs geared towards guiding motivated students towards college. Prior to TYWLS of the Bronx, she co-managed the creation of another top rated school in the Bronx.


Devon Eisenberg joined the team of the new school as a founding math teacher. She was inspired by the resolve and resilience of the Bronx students she taught; she was committed to giving them the best instruction possible.  Her students soared and, as a result, attributed to significant gains in student progress not only for her students, but also for the school. In 2008, she was recognized for her impact on student learning as she received the Rising Star Teacher of the Year, Blackboard Awards. That same year, she was highlighted as the New Yorker of the Week.   


While teaching a math class together, they recognized that the young women of the Bronx needed opportunities to become successful and financially independent individuals. This observation, in time, would serve as the seed for many wonderful things.  Working collaboratively in the classroom and VISION, the college-bound program, they fostered a friendship as they realized that together they could accomplish more. 


They developed a consulting team that helped small schools organize time to maximize the learning experience by developing school schedules.  They founded Beyond the Bronx, an organization that expands the minds of young people by exposing them to various cultures through travel; through this program, students visited Egypt, England, France and Italy.  While teaching at DeVry University, they recognized the importance of good schools in the early years as it directly impacted the success in their future education.  They took notice again of the need for women in the Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering fields.  Women were underrepresented in the largest growing and financially lucrative fields. Working together and with a dedicated team of passionate educators, both LeMarie and Devon aspired to create an exceptional school for young women and ensure that they have access to a quality education. 



Ms. Eisenberg earned a Master Degree in Administration from Western Governor’s University and a Master Degree in Education from Touro College.  She received her Bachelors of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Oswego. 





YWLN supports two life-changing programs that empower students to break the cycle of poverty through education.



YWLN has generated over $57 million in financial aid to make college affordable for low-income students.

For more information about The Young Women’s Leadership Network and our sister schools please visit www.YWLN.org.

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